12 Ideas That Prove Everyone Needs an IKEA Raskog Cart

The popular piece is useful in literally every room of the house.

Courtesy of Bloggers

The popular piece is useful in literally every room of the house.

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Store Pantry Items

Cabinet overflow can be a problem for big families, so tuck your everyday pantry staples into the easy-grab caddies. You can roll the cart to the counter for prep, barely removing food containers from their home.

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Hampton SC
Corral Cookware

The open design is handy for storing cooking supplies, too — and wheels help make a less-than-functional kitchen layout more manageable.

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Chez Larsson
Stock the Bar

The Raskog comes in a sleek gray hue (and takes , too), so it works well as an understated, Mad Men-esque bar cart in the living room.

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Heart Handmade
Create a Craft Corner

Of course, the light blue shade is the perfect base for a cheery craft cart — this one is stocked with a bevy of crochet supplies.

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DIY Inspired
Try a Sewing Station

We can't all have rooms devoted to our hobbies, but the cute cart turns any corner into a place to sew. Feeling hack-y? to ensure a flat, steady surface for your machine.

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Polka Dot Chair
Manage Your Makeup Stash

This clever blogger used the cart to categorize her beauty routine — and even doctored the side with a bin for her hot tools.

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Lark & Lola
Keep Extras in the Bathroom

The tidy bins keep additional towels and toilet paper within easy reach.

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Glitter Guide
Store Baby Clothes

For moms who need to get baby dressed and out the door fast (read: all of them), the Raskog's no-drawer style and wheels are like an extra helping hand.

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How Does She?
Plan a Lunch Station

Since lunch bins, food containers, and extra on-the-go supplies never seem to have a rightful home in your permanent cabinets, dedicate a cart to the items instead.

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Clarissa Lum
Style an Accent Table

Painted a cheery yellow, the cart brightens a living room corner — and is just waiting to stash your remote control, too.

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Succulents and SunshineGetty Images
Display Pretty Plants

The Raskog is stylish, but still decidedly utilitarian, which makes it the perfect place to both pot and show off a collection of succulents.

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Kylie M. Interiors
Fill a Roaming Library

To keep story time spontaneous (but ensure books won't clutter every free corner of your house), file your kids' favorite reads in the deep bins.

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