Queen Elizabeth II

A Timeline of Royal Engagements

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's love story is definitely one for the books.

What the Stars of The Crown Look Like in Real Life

The Queen Mother looks pretty different without her furs and jewels.

How Royal Couples Announced Their Engagements
Do you remember how Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced thei…
The 50 Strict Rules the Royal Family Has to Follow

There are literally boardgames they can't play.

Queen Elizabeth II Adopts a New Corgi

She "fell in love" with the pup while taking him for a walk.

A Complete History of Prince Charles and Camilla's Dramatic Relationship

Diana once said there were three people in her marriage.

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Queen Elizabeth Is Breaking the Royal Dress Code for the First Time in 43 Years

All the election drama in the UK has thrown the Queen completely off schedule.

The Signature Poses of Your Favorite Royals

You've seen the royals posing in a "Duchess Slant" and "Power Point" before.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte | ELLE UK
Kate Middleton Jokes Charlotte Is the Boss in the Family

A Queen in the making?

queen elizabeth champagne
Queen Elizabeth II Drinks a Glass of Champagne Before Bed Each Night

A woman after our own hearts.

This Is What the Royal Family Actually Does Every Day

If you've ever wondered what the Queen's "engagements" really entail.

What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies?

When the time actually comes, it's predicted to be a "traumatic" event.

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This Is What Queen Elizabeth Thinks of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Relationship

If Grandma is happy, everyone is happy.

This Is How the Royal Family Celebrates Christmas

Their former chef spilled everything about what they eat and their out-there traditions.

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What Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Day Was Really Like

And why her marriage to Prince Philip almost didn't happen.

What the British Royal Family Looked Like the Year You Were Born

From weddings to funerals, births to coronations, and, of course, a few scandals in between.

10 Rare Photos Queen Elizabeth Through the Years

Plus a few fun facts about our favorite queen.

23 Times the Royal Family Wore Plaid and Looked Amazing

It's say to say, Diana was the real Queen when it came to this pattern.

Want to Live at Buckingham Palace? Here's Your Chance.

This might be the ultimate "downstairs" job.

This Is How to Vacation Like a Royal

Anyone else ready to head to Switzerland?

prince george looks like his relatives
10 Times Prince George Mimicked His Relatives

Now you know where he gets those adorable funny faces.

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