Runners Up in the February 2018 Color Contest

It was hard to pick just one winner.

In our February 2018 issue, we asked you to name a teal hue. Paint-savvy Elizabeth Davis from Boonton, NJ, won the contest with her name, Juniper Berry.

"A rich blue-green redolent of the innermost forest and inviting relaxation, whether shared or solitary."

Peacock Plume

Sent in by Elizabeth Searcy of Tomball, TX:

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"As the male peacock spreads his glorious fan of plumes, the sight of this bright bold color evokes wonder and awe in me at the majesty of nature."

Lagoon Shadow

Sent in by Michael Sandridge of Kansas City, MO:

"As dusk begins on a tropical island, this color magically surfaces upon a still lagoon's surface, casting its charm of tranquility and peace on anyone lucky enough to observe its spell before the sun sets and night begins."

Alluring Azure

Sent in by Robin O'Sullivan of Dothan, AL:

"Captivating and charming, this blue-green-turquoise shade evokes beguiling beaches and seductive skies. It's an enticing, magnetic hue."

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