The 20 Coziest Bedrooms Ever

Cancelling nighttime plans from now until forever.

Celine Dion Shoes
Celine Dion Has A Warehouse For Her 10,000 Shoes

Before that, she had the Clueless closet IRL.

kids duvet covers
These Hilarious Duvets Make Bedtime Fun

If you think this is wild, wait till you see the T-Rex.

Make a master bedroom your own or decorate kids rooms and guest rooms perfectly with help on everything from headboards to linens.

headboard ideas
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This Entire Room Was Designed to Help You Fall Asleep

You'll never guess the inspiration behind the bed frame.

Proof That Jonas Brothers Were the Only People With Design Taste as Teens

If you weren't a sucker for a JoBro poster, you have terrible taste.

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