12 Most Romantic Bedrooms

You're about to fall hard for these.

Jeremy Samuelson

Soft throws, canopy beds and glam chandeliers — it doesn't get much more sexy and sophisticated than these bedrooms.

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antique headboard
James Carriere
Antique Headboard

A 19th-century Italian headboard, upholstered in 's Tamara, is the centerpiece of this Sonoma, California bedroom by designer Jay Jeffers.

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James Merrell
A Very Feminine Bedroom

In a Palm Beach house, the master bedroom's Loire iron bed is by , and the pink, brown, and white linens are from Restoration Hardware. A Thad sofa is covered in the softest color imaginable — Groundworks' Academy Weave in light pink. "The pink isn't gag-me pink," designer Gary McBournie says, "It's utterly soft. The iron bed helps to control it, and so do the brown and pink bed linens."

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green velvet headboard
Jonny Valiant
Fairy-Tale Bedroom

The master bedroom in Greenwich Village apartment is feminine and whimsical, but not alienating to men. "It's a 21st-century version of an old romanticism — like the vivid interiors in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, which definitely influenced this place," designer Fawn Galli says. She chose the overscale wallpaper, Lily, for "the fairy-tale feeling." The lily pads and the Old World Weavers green velvet, Languedoc, on the headboard evoke the romance of a garden pond. The French Canopy chair from is covered in 's In Between.

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romantic bedroom with floral accents in red and four poster canopy bed
Tria Giovan
Rosy Glow

"I wanted it to be, above all, romantic," designer Barry Dixon says about this master bedroom in a Maryland house. "I thought of being inside a conch shell, and used all those colors. The sheers on the windows cast a rosy glow on everything in the room, and there's that wonderful red lantern. Everyone looks rosy and tan in there, even if they're not." Floral bed hanging and window panels are Fragrance by . The Nettie Darr table at the foot of the bed is by Barry Dixon for Mike Reid Weeks. Sophie side chairs, upholstered in raffia are from . Asian bedside tables from .

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romantic mirror
Eric Piasecki
Romantic Details

A Florentine Baroque mirror from is a highly romantic note in the master bedroom in a Florida house. "The bedroom and master bath are very romantic, kind of isolated places," designer John Saladino says. "You don't run in, you pause." At the foot of the bed — dressed in hand-embroidered cashmere bedspread by — a TV hides a maple pop-up cabinet.

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Reed Davis
Four-Poster Bed

The reproduction British Colonial jackwood bed by has a strong romantic presence that complements the Spanish Colonial architecture in a Malibu house. Designer Lawrence Rizkowsky removed its canopy, which met awkwardly with the sloped ceiling. "And while the showstopper here is clearly the ocean, the fireplace is so romantic when it's lit not to mention practical," he says. "It gets cold in Malibu in the winter, and wet." The bedskirt fabric is Les Fougères by . The Bridgewater sofa, designed by Rizkowsky, is covered in 's Pembroke in Myrhh.

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Jeremy Samuelson
Return to Glam

The red velvet headboard in a San Francisco, California, master bedroom is "grand, whimsical, over-the-top," designer Stephen Shubel says. "But we didn't want the whole room to be over-the-top. So we did very classic ivory velvet curtains the same color as the walls, with a black tassel trim and cream sheers behind them. We have traditional furniture on either side of the bed and French 19th-century stools at the foot." The rug is from ; patterned throw pillows are from Summer House and the metal lamps are from Martin Richards.

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master bedroom
Francesco Lagnese
Venetian Headboard

"Exuberantly feminine, yet resolutely chic" was designer Jonathan Berger's motto for decorating a Brooklyn townhouse for a marketing executive and former model whom lives here with her four daughters. In the master bedroom, a suzani bedspread from eBay and a Venetian-inspired headboard covered in Nouvelle Orleans, a cut velvet from that looks like ironwork, add exoticism. The Napoleon III rope ottoman covered in Aubusson tapestry is from .

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gray tufted headboard
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Punch of Pink

Designer Kelie Grosso envisioned the master bedroom as a soft, platinum respite, but she couldn't resist punching it up with a vibrant dose of color, a hot pink bolster pillow. A Morgan bed by is upholstered in 's Gainsborough Velvet. Walls are painted Edgecomb Gray by e.

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turquoise headboard
James Merrell
Feminine Turquoise and Navy

Designer Ashley Whittaker wanted this bedroom in a Greenwich, Connecticut house to feel sophisticated, but still youthful and feminine. "Lavender has a whole new point of view when it's mixed with turquoise and navy," she says. "It says 'girl' without screaming 'girly girl.'" She upholstered the bed in Suzani by and dressed it in Mirasol bedding. An Ava mirrored nightstand from holds a Genevieve table lamp from . Walls are painted Mountain Mist by .

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master bedroom with sitting area
Pieter Estersohn
A Subtle Pink

A master bedroom in Greenwich, Connecticut, has a subtle glow of pink. "A woman feels more comfortable in these colors and this increases a feeling of romance," says designer Sally Markham. "There's actually an old decorator's trick of lining lampshades in pink, because it creates a glow that's very complimentary to the skin." A mink throw is draped over the silk-upholstered bed designed by Markham.

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romantic bedroom with canopy bed
Don Freeman
Elegant Bedroom

The master bedroom in a New York City apartment is pure, ethereal elegance, enveloped in silvery chinoiserie wallpaper and yards of silk and chenille, all from . The bed is hammered metal from . "I wanted it to be feminine and cocooning," says designer Celerie Kemble. "It's all creams and soft grays and a color that just smells like cantaloupe but is probably closer to apricot. The sheers at the windows diffuse the light, so the effect is all soft and dreamy like the old way they used to shoot movie stars — with Vaseline on the camera lens."

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