What Your Bedspread Says About You

You are where you sleep. (Really.)


You are where you sleep. (Really.)

Courtesy of West Elm

You're girly to the core and proud of it. Were you a cheerleader in high school? Probably. Nowadays you wear as much pink as possible, always have a lipstick on hand, and your drink of choice is a Cosmopolitan.

$13-$60, westelm.com

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Sure, you're super practical, but more importantly you just really like to eat in bed. The muted color of your bedspread means you don't have to worry about spills (but maybe ants). Plus black is super chic without even trying.

$40-$149, cb2.com

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Every free spirit needs an equally wild bedspread to come home to after a day of exploring. When not in bed, you're most likely at yoga, traveling the world, or doing whatever the wind blew your way that day.

$40-$199, potterybarn.com

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You're a workaholic and your mind is constantly spinning as you try to get some shut eye. Even though you always have your phone with you in bed (you're not dead, just sleeping) you want the rest of the room to be as simple and rela as possible — the less stimuli, the better.

$30-$150, crateandbarrel.com

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Courtesy of West Elm

You're in a loving, committed relationship. How'd we guess? Plaid always seems to be a compromise between the sexes as a classic option that makes both people happy. But, for your sake, we hope you at least get to have some colorful throw pillows.

$10-$60, westelm.com

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You exude positive energy and are the definition of an extrovert. Everyone knows who you are and your social calendar is almost always full. The only downside: Your outgoing ways and life-of-the-party personality means you're often too busy to sleep.

$36-$190, crateandbarrel.com

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Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Your classic style means you're all about those pearls and polos, you make a mean cup of tea, and when you retire for the night you need a space that's just as sophisticated as you. Clearly, stripes are the only reasonable choice.

$50, potterybarn.com

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Courtesy of West Elm

You're all about trends — both setting and following 'em. When chevron blew up everywhere a few years ago you jumped all over it. Oh, and don't think we don't spy those blue walls that are so in right now. Seriously, how do you keep up?

$19-$95, westelm.com

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Courtesy of West Elm

You value tradition, are a huge history buff, and hope to pass on many relics to your grandchildren some day. Since quilts remind your of your grandparent's house, there's no kind of bed spread you'd rather snuggle up in at night.

$23-$151, westelm.com

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