A Wildly Colorful New York Apartment by Designer Miles Redd

Tour a bold New York apartment by Miles Redd.

living room
James Merrell
Mi lime green, golden yellow, and violet, designer Miles Redd's colorful decorating ideas give a New York apartment its high-style madness.
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living room
James Merrell
Space to Sit
A seating area of the living room has a glamorous, exotic feel. A sofa is covered in Vesuvius by , and an Empire fauteuil sits on a custom Moroccan rug from . The box-pleat ruffles on the unlined silk taffeta curtains—'s Big Bang—"give you a sense of fantasy and femininity," says designer Miles Redd.
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Unique Pottery Display
Celadon vases on plaster brackets add drama to the dining room wall of a Manhattan apartment. Bleached midcentury dining chairs in leather circle a dining table finished to look like inlaid ivory. Walls are lacquered in pale aqua by decorative painter Agustin Hurtado.
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Reading Corner

"In a corner of the room, there's a Regency breakfast table that we painted to look like a green faux-tortoise. When you take a staid piece of furniture and put an unusual finish on it that's brash yet sophisticated, it feels modern and American," he says.

A tall screen in 's felt Vilano completes the cozy corner.

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Eclectic Living Room
Fluted plaster applied to the Sheetrock adds architectural presence to the room.

"Who'da thunk that lime green, golden yellow, and violet would all work together? But the color makes more traditional pieces look fresh," Redd explains.
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Art and Bookcase
Gilt-wood fronds float above a print and a neoclassical bookcase at the end of a windowless hall. "We put antiqued mirror on the walls for sparkle, and to pull the light down the hall," Redd says.
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Lobster Table Decor
In the library, a carved-bone lobster sits on a coffee table inlaid with ebony, ivory, and tortoiseshell. "When someone understands how to live and how to arrange a room, and everywhere you look there is something beautiful, [that's what makes a room luxurious.] When it has a sense of drama — a cinematic quality — and you want to spend time in it," Redd says.
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Pottery Display
White vases and ginger jars make a sculptural grouping.
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Wallpapered Bedroom
The master bedroom is papered with 's Earlham, a chinoiserie print on blue India tea paper. The bronze Giacometti-style chair acts as a valet.
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Modern Antique Bedroom

Redd was "channeling great English bedrooms" in the master. He started with the antique Coromandel screen, which inspired the subdued palette. The painted faux-horn bedposts support a canopy made from Holbrook cream silk satin.

"Not everything has to scream color at you. I was inspired by the Coromandel screen, which was one of the first things we bought — we built the room around it."

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Child's Bedroom
A door upholstered in Echo leather opens to a young girl's room. Walls papered in 's Balloons are a playful backdrop for the painted Louis XVI--style commode. "I wish I could claim that I [painted the dresser], but I'm afriad I can't. We found the dresser that way. Bus as an accent, we did paint the school chair yellow to match the lamps," he says.
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Luxurious Library
"We wanted a rich and glittering library to play off the cool and airy living room," Redd says. The antique rug inspired the vibrant palette. Walls are sheathed in Cuba Libre linen by ; the velvet-covered Climate sectional is from . A Venetian mirror reflects a Warhol hanging above a flat-screen TV. "It's easy to build a room from the ground up," Redd says. "It's the place I go for direction."
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