10+ Gorgeous Green Living Rooms

In colors ranging from lime to mint, these gathering spaces are for green lovers.

green family room by celerie kemble and lindsey herod
Brittany Ambridge

In colors ranging from lime to mint, see pictures of 10 of our favorite green living room designs.

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Paul Costello
Spring green

For Jane Scott Hodges, owner of Leontine Linens, a 19th-century home became a showcase of her unique personal style. The 1869 Greek Revival home was decorated by Gwen Driscoll and features a mix of antiques, modern furniture — and plenty of color.

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Green living room
Paul Raeside
Acid green glaze

A rich acid green glaze gives the living room in a Long Island home by Catherine Brown Paterson a vivacious quality.

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green family room by celerie kemble and lindsey herod
Brittany Ambridge
Lush lacquer

The bright green lacquered walls in this Houston home by Celerie Kemble and Lindsey Herod add garden-inspired elegance.

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David A. Land
A colorful backdrop

Designer Sam Allen went in a bold direction in his Connecticut apartment — starting with the pea green walls. "I love green and purple together," he says. "It's very Palm Beach."

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Soft mint green walls

Designer Fawn Galli used a custom green paint in a New York living room in order to bring in a touch of nature. Instead of going for a leaf green, Fawn used a soft mint. "I don't think a color should be too saturated or strong on a wall," she says.

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green stripe furniture in room
Trevor Tondro
Sea-grass green living room

For the living room of her East Hampton, New York cottage, Miescisko contributing editor Frances Schultz chose a palette of sea-grass greens. Tom Samet, a decorator and friend, suggested adding an extra inner panel to beef up the curtains. Sofa in striped cotton by Kravet.

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light green living room
Eric Piasecki
Light green living room

"I tried to use some serious furniture shapes and a few antiques in the living room of this house, but I wanted to have fun with the fabrics and color," designer Ashley Whittaker says of this Long Island home. A custom sofa is covered in a & Fils avocado linen. The painting above the sofa is by Sally Michel. Slipper chairs are covered in Vizcaya in Celery by .

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Eric Piasecki
Tropical living room

For a Palm Beach sunroom, designer Allison Paladino had the walls glazed bright green to capture the light and painted the woodwork white to tone it down. "The sunroom is gutsy, but the room is actually quite rela because I restricted the palette to green and white to create calm," she says. "If I'd added another color the room would be jarring." 's St. Denis Lounge Chairs and ottomans are covered in Woodland Fern, and Baker Slipper chairs are covered in Monterey in Citron Green; both fabrics from . Ferncroft needlepoint rug from . Wall painting by Fernando Tonarely.

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avocado green family room
Eric Piasecki
Soft avocado green space

In the family room of a Palm Beach house, designer Allison Paladino painted the walls 's Lewiville Green — the color of "a very ripe avocado." Club chairs from are covered in 's Rio. Bamboo desk and stool from . Painting from .

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Lucas Allen
Lime green living room

Inspired by what he calls the "cool, unapproachable beauty" of Grace Kelly, who once lived in this early 1950s New York building, designer Jamie Drake decorated a two-bedroom apartment with a green palette reflecting her Irish heritage. The walls are painted in Summer Lime and the trim in Mayonnaise, both by . The Chloe sofa is from Drake's furniture collection for Lewis Mittman and its Babe's Tweed covering is from his fabric collection for Schumacher. Drake also designed the cocktail table and pouf.

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mint green living room
Simon Watson
Mint green living room

For the living room of a traditional New York apartment, designer Todd Klein chose a light, cool green. "If you think of a house as having seasons, the living room is spring," Klein says. Graphic black-and-white fabrics from — Macoco Reverse on the sofa and Potalla Background on the pillow — "add a touch of youthfulness and whimsy." Walls are Vreeland Mint and trim is White, both in Brilliant, by .

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living room with painted green screen
William Abranowicz
Garden green living room

Upholstered pieces with high, dramatic backs give character to this Alabama house's living room by owners Richard Norris and Mark Leslie. The colors and patterns of artist David Braly's painted screens pull in garden views. The mirror hanging on the screen is 18th-century French.

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green wall covering in living room
Maura McEvoy
Happy green living room

For the living room of this New York house, designer Pat Healing chose a color scheme inspired by the outdoors. On the walls, green grass cloth, Arrowroot by , brings garden freshness into the family room. "Garden colors are the happiest," Healing says. "Green is a big part of that."

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blue green living room
Eric Piasecki
Cedar green living room

Choosing a color palette of natural greens and blues, designer Steven Gambrel connected this Long Island space to the area's landscape. He says, "I tried to take what was given to me via the environment — very pale, atmospheric blues and greens, or as I sometimes say, sky into water into tree." Gambrel's Glover sofa is covered horizontally in 's Gent's Stripe. Walls are painted Cedar Green by .

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