A Serene and Neutral Bathroom

Neutral colors enhance a tranquil space.
Julian Wass
Shades of gray, taupe, and cream add up to one very tranquil bathroom in Bethesda, Maryland designed by Erin Paige Pitts.
Julian Wass
A Rela Getaway

The distinctive tub from 's Ove collection is almost 25 inches high, so you can completely submerge your body. White marble tiles in a contemporary old-plank design cover the floor, accented by a border of Misty Blue limestone, both from . Wainscoting painted Seapearl. Fieldings wallcovering by . Window shade in Tuileries by Great Plains from . Towels by . Paris pull and Quatrafoil cabinet knobs by .

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Julian Wass
Soothing Colors

A slender pane of textured glass lets light into the shower stall.

Christine Pit Why does this feel so serene?

Erin Paige Pitts: Everything is in shades of gray or taupe, and colors within a tight range are soothing. As soon as you walk in, it's as if you just let a lot of air out of a balloon. Stress evaporates.

Some people think monochromatic palettes are boring.

Not me. I love to load them with texture and interest, so every surface is beautiful. For example, the walls above the wainscoting are not just paint. That's a wallcovering with a layered weave. And I played the polished marble and glossy gray glass tile against the matte finish of the sinks and tub.

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Julian Wass

That tub looks monolithic, as if it were carved out of stone.

Aesthetically, a freestanding tub is hard to beat. The husband chose this one, and it feels kind of masculine to me--no fuss, all modern, sophisticated elegance. But if it were sitting there all alone you could feel a bit exposed, so we added the wainscoting. It's the equivalent of wrapping a towel around you when you step out of the tub. It gives that part of the room some comfort and intimacy.

The tub and sink faucets don't match.

They don't have to, as long as there's a certain consistency. We picked the sink faucet first. With a vessel sink, you have to make sure the height of the spout is correct, and that it goes far enough past the lip so it's not going to dribble on the counter. We were also putting wall-mounted faucets on an exterior wall, and that means you have to add insulation so the pipes don't freeze. In order to make room for that, we bumped out the lower portion of the wall about four inches. Then we set a nice piece of marble on top, to make it feel like a design element.

Modern Architectural floor-mounted tub filler is controlled by a single lever.

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Julian Wass
Bathroom Sink

Why did you choose a vessel sink?

Again, it's an aesthetic thing. It looks very sculptural, sitting on the counter, and it ties in with the tub. If we had done an undermount sink, you wouldn't give it a second thought. It would just disappear. This makes a statement.

Three sconces is unusual. Normally they're in pairs.

The wife thought there might not be enough light for putting on makeup with only two. I like the way the brackets project out and bring light deeper into the space, as opposed to just washing the wall. Initially we thought about mirroring the whole wall, but I prefer the intimacy of having your own mirror. So we went with glass tile to bounce a little more light into this corner.

Vessel sinks from Ove collection are paired with Zephyr faucets in polished nickel, from . "Anything looks better next to polished nickel," Pitts says. "It's like old silver." Glassworks tile in Sala and Gold marble on countertop from . Aspect Library sonce by Barbara Barry for .

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