12 Colors Perfect for Your Entryway

12 paint colors perfect for your entryway.

light brown paint swatch
The foyer is the first thing you see when you walk into a house, so how should it feel? Twelve designers share their favorite hues for making a great first impression.
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light brown paint swatch
"I like a progression of color. It’s good to start dark — this is so moody and has a wonderful earthy tone — and as you move inside, the rooms become lighter, which makes them seem more spacious." -EVE ROBINSON: DRAB 41
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chocolate brown paint swatch
Dutch Chocolate
"Imagine you're melting dark chocolate in a saucepan — that's the color. It glistens. This is a very high-gloss paint that looks almost like patent leather." -PATRICIA HEALING: DUTCH CHOCOLATE 6012
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hot pink paint swatch
Racer Pink
"It’s a strong vibrant pink, as masculine as you can get in a pink, with a nice shine to it. In a small entrance hall I like to use deep strong colors to help define the space. Otherwise you lose it." -JOHN BARMAN: RACER PINK 1B07
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dark red paint swatch
"We did a California ranch house where you came into a low, very enclosed front hall before being released into this huge living room — that famous squeeze-and-squirt thing that architects love. So we painted this tight little space an intense barn red. Everything around you was red — walls, ceilings, doors. You were completely encapsulated in red, so you couldn't really tell the dimensions." -HERMES MALLEA: DKC-17
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light green paint swatch
Folly Green
"Imagine going down a leafy path and opening the door to a lovely green foyer. This is not the usual dark bottle green. It's paler and softer, a really good, goes-anywhere green that feels so very peaceful." -JENNIFER GARRIGUES: FOLLY GREEN 76
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light blue paint swatch
"Those great 18th-century British architects kept the front hallway somber to recall the color of the stone outside, on the facade. I like that idea of bringing the outside in, but stone doesn’t necessarily work for me. I tend to use a sky-bluish color that has a pretty heavy dose of gray and green." -STEVEN GAMBREL: ARGENT 1322
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off-white paint swatch
Linen White
"When in doubt, Linen White. You can phone that in. It might seem like a cop-out, but it works beautifully. I use it when people are unsure. They want something light and airy, but not stark white. No matter what light you put it in, it looks good." -MATTHEW PATRICK SMYTH: LINEN WHITE
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light yellow paint swatch
Golden Straw
"I’m attracted to warm colors that kind of wrap their arms around you. This is like candlelight, with a wonderful golden glow. I’ll put layers of glaze over it so it's as rich in daytime as it is at night." -WILLIAM EUBANKS: GOLDEN STRAW 2152-50
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light blue paint swatch
Palladian Blue
"If you took leaf green and sky blue and put them in a bucket with a lot of air, this what you would get. I even put it on the ceiling. It looks great with black-and-white floors. I'd add a bronze bench with shocking pink upholstery." -JOHN OETGEN: PALLADIAN BLUE HC-144
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reddish orange paint swatch
"Red is the color of excitement, and I tend to go for corally orange reds. With red, you know you've arrived and you glance in the mirror and realize how great you look and breeze right in." -Keith Irvine Pictured, 's Salsa 2009-20
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yellow paint swatch
"It's one of those spaces that people go through quickly, so you can afford a higher level of drama. Often, there's not natural light, so you need a heavily saturated color like this warm, yolky yellow. Get it in full gloss because the gloss gives it depth, and it's much simpler to apply than glazing." -Christopher Drake Pictured, 's Showtime 923
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gray brown paint swatch
"Here's the thing about entry halls. You want to make it Wow!, but at the same time you have to be neutral because it's the opener for the rest of the home. So what to do? Paint your hall this fabulous gray/taupe, which is still neutral but dark enough to make a statement." -WHITNEY STEWART: QUAHOG 8385
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