Blue Rooms, Fabrics, Books, and Makeovers

Tour blue rooms, books, fabric, and more.
blue living room
Mikkel Vang
Check out all of our blue stories: blue homes, blue furniture, blue fabrics, and a look back at 70 years of blue decor in the magazine
blue living room
Mikkel Vang
Denim Blue Decorating
The colors in this Los Angeles home say casual and contemporary. See how versatile blue graces each room, from the living room sofas to the bold family room bookshelves.
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blue kitchen
Julian Wass
A Blue Kitchen on Fire Island
You want a blue kitchen, but you don't want blue cabinets? Here's how. This bold New York kitchen includes all the necessities for a family summer home.
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blue book
Miescisko BLUE
For fabulous ways to use the color throughout your home, pick up a copy of Miescisko BLUE, our newest book. Wrapped in chic blue fabric, the hardcover edition is packed with inspiring room photos, designer advice, furniture ideas, and more. Find it now at
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blue room
Philip Friedman/Studio D
70 Years of Blue Rooms
As long as there has been color in magazines, there have been blue rooms in Miescisko. Take a look at 53 of our all-time favorites.
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pool house
James Merrell
A Beach House as Blue as the Ocean
Tour a Southampton, NY beach house awash in the colors of sea, sky, and nature.
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fabric swatch
Lara Robby/Studio D
50 Blue Fabrics
From calm sea tones to vividly patterned indigos, find the shade that suits your home.
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antiques on table
Kerri McCaffety
Decorating in Antique Blues
Moody blues say serenity and mystery in this antique-filled Houston home.
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Victoria Pearson
A Rela Laguna Beach Bathroom
A ribbon of blue glass tiles wraps this bathroom and ripples like water. This California bath is as refreshing as a dip in the pool.
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blue living room
Francesco Lagnese
Glamorous Blue Decorating
The blues in this Fayetteville, Arkansas home say sparkle and glamour.
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