15 Cozy Fireplaces That Will Keep You Warm All Year Long

It's the heart of a room — and a savior on chilly nights.

spanish colonial living room with fireplace
Anne Schlechter

The hearth is the center of the home. From detailed stonework to stunning marble, these fireplaces will turn any living space — a study, bedroom, you name it — into a rela oasis.

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Patrick Wade Dave DeMattei fireplace
Roger Davies
Corner Fireplace

Owners Dave DeMattei and Patrick Wade kept this textured feature original to their 1930s Spanish bungalow. Candlesticks, artwork, and a patterned chair bring in the cozy tones that dominate the guest bedroom.

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sarah bartholomew fireplace
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Birch Logs

's White Dove — one of the most popular paint colors — on a custom mantel updates the brick fireplace in a historic Georgetown rowhouse. The bull's ­eye mirror by seemingly enlarges the space, while birch logs and flowering branches bring in natural textures.

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jenny wolf firepalce
Pernille Loof
Curated Fireplace

Jenny Wolf added a conversation starter to a Connecticut home's mantel by hanging a tortoise shell found at the Brimfield flea market. Custom magnolia-leaf garlands dress up the focal point for the holidays.

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shon parker library fireplace
Erica George Dines
Ornate Fireplace

This cast-iron beauty dates back to the Victorian era, so Shon Parker designed the cozy library around it. A paper on the walls and a design on the ceiling brings it into the modern age.

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jane hawkins hoke mountain home
Annie Schlechter
Rustic Fireplace Mantel

Architect James Carter imbued a new North Carolina home with age by adding a homey waxed-pine fireplace to the living room. Designer Jane Hawkins Hoke outfitted the mantel with a small landscape painting acting as a whimsical medallion.

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bathroom with fireplace
David Tsay
Bathtub Fireplace

"Imagine lying in the bath with the flames flickering and the sun setting over the Pacific," says designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano of this dreamy California home spa. "What could be more rela?" She chose the sunken tub as to not obscure the ocean views just outside of the massive arched window.

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barbara westbrook living room
Pieter Estersohn
Wood-Paneled Fireplace

Designer Barbara Westbrook made this Tennessee farmhouse extra cozy hanks to the addition of a classic wood-paneled fireplace. Tin sconces, piled books, and comfortable chairs make this picture-perfect hearth a refuge on a cold day.

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Sara Gilbane fireplace
Paul Costello
Nautical Tiles

The blue theme of this Florida home designed by Sara Gilbane is carried over to the antique fireplace tiles. The white mantel is paired with a blue patterned surround, giving the fireplace a seaside feel.

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Lee Ann Thornton fireplace
Francesco Lagnese
Painted Fireplace

When combined, blue and white are the picture of elegance. Lee Ann Thornton made the fireplace a part of the wall decor by using a similar hue. To add interest, she incorporated pops of bright green and aubergine.

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Anthony Barrata living room
James Merrell
Stone Fireplace

This living room designed by Anthony Barrata is the ultimate place to kick back and relax on rainy (or lazy) days. The intricate stonework on the fireplace serves as just another statement-making piece among the patterned wallpaper, vibrant cushions, and patchwork chairs.

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Joe Lucas study
Karyn R. Millet
Brick Fireplace

This study, designed by Joe Lucas, has the moody blues. The varying textures gives this fireplace a rustic feel, a stark contrast to the home's bright, waterfront design.

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black granite mantel
Francesco Lagnese
Dramatic Surround Fireplace

In the library of a Michigan lake house designed by Martin Horner, the black-granite mantel (made by Atelier Jouvence) offers a dramatic contrast to the surround from .

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spanish colonial living room with fireplace
Anne Schlechter
Limestone Mantel

An antique Argentine mirror draws the eye to the impressive limestone fireplace in the living room of a Spanish Colonial Revival. Generous Kent sofas by , upholstered in Perennials' Rough 'N Rowdy, offer comfortable yet chic seating around the custom coffee table. The walls are painted in 's Morning Light.

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betsy burnham dining room
William Abranowicz
Moroccan Tiles

The dining room fireplace in a California home is embellished with fanciful vintage Baguès sconces. The glamour doesn't stop there — the designer added a large mirror and crystal sconces above.

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Johnny Valiant
Contemporary Fireplace

Designer Harry Heissmann spun a New York City loft apartment into a contemporary fairy tale. He turned a "postage stamp-size" fireplace into the living room's focal point with a large-scale, custom-made mantel.

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