8 Creative Ways to Use Wasted Dormer Window Space

Reclaim those awkward nooks by turning them into something amazing.


Reclaim those awkward nooks by turning them into something amazing.

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Courtesy of Uniquely Yours...Or Mine!
A Well-Lit Vanity

Privacy and good lighting are crucial when getting ready in the morning, which makes this alcove perfect for a vanity. Minimal accessories give the space just a hint of high style without feeling cluttered.

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Courtesy of Uniquely Yours...Or Mine!
A Savvy Shoe Closet

Built-in storage complete with pull-out drawers offers a place to tuck away shoes, purses, and other items that never seem to have a home. Pink vinyl lining protects the shelves from getting dirty or scratched.

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Courtesy of The Yellow Cape Cod
A Private Desk Area

Nothing is worse than sinking into a soft couch when you're trying to power through your inbox or balance your bills. If you don't have a designated office space, transform a dormer into one by adding a built-in desk.

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Courtesy of Design Sponge
A Bonus Bench

By squeezing a bench into an unused dormer you get bonus seating without taking up precious space. Here, a navy cushion and patterned pillows makes this space cozy — and stocky drawers help you stay organized.

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Courtesy of Cote de Texas
A Cozy Reading Nook

A wall lined with enough bookshelves for your child's entire collection is the perfect spot to gather for a story before bedtime. A soft shag rug and lots of pillows are a must.

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Courtesy of Mark Burstyn/McGill Design Group
A Space to Be Creative

These design geniuses squeezed a U-shaped desk in this bitty space. It offers plenty of storage for scrapbook essentials and craft materials, while an all-white design and exposed beams makes the nook feel spacious (and help your creative juices flow like crazy).

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Courtesy of Elements of Style
A Built-In Dresser

Placing a dresser into your window dormer will save some major space in your bedroom, since it neatly tucks away and almost disappears from view.

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Courtesy of Project Nursery
An Enchanted Sleeping Alcove

Some little girl is super lucky: This dormer fits in a bed for her and a pull-out underneath for a friend. Both can escape into their world of make believe by drawing down the curtains.

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