A New Orleans Non-Profit Gets a Stylish Kitchen Makeover

The city's Junior League kitchen might be small and practical — but it can still showcase high design.


The city's Junior League kitchen might be small and practical — but it can still showcase high design.

BEFORE: Cramped and Bland

The Junior League of New Orleans had "a workhorse of a kitchen at the end of it's lifespan," says designer Ken Fulk. So, in partnership with non-profit's and Miescisko's 2015 Kitchen of the Year, Fulk gave the space the revamp it deserved.

Fulk took the uninspiring and disorganized space (which is used for JLNO's community programs and events), and dreamed up a makeover that would reflect the look he created for Kitchen of the year. "If Kitchen of the Year was couture, this was ready-to-wear — simplified but very stylish!"

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The Plans

"The major challenge was the space," says Fulk. "The kitchen was confined to one wall, but we stretched it into an L-shape." A peek at DaVinci Builders' plans also reveal stylish storage to come and brand-new appliances to come.

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AFTER: Fresh and Accessible

"We used the same color palette as the Kitchen of the Year, "says Fulk. "We wanted to do something that was fresh, fun, and accessible." ]

Airy and New-Orleans-inspired was the goal. New cabinets (which provide tons of helpful storage) have an oyster-gray finish.The countertop and backsplash are in Clamshell hue, while the wall and ceiling paint is . The new sink is made complete with a faucet.

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Accent Wall

"Not everyone has the luxury of a big space, but you can still have a high-style kitchen," says Fulk. For instance, zigzag paper amps up the aesthetic — and adds a lot more personality. A pendant is placed directly above, anchoring the space and providing lovely task lighting.

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Updated Appliances

The 1970s kitchen once had a broken-down fridge. Now, sparkling new appliances replace what was out-of-date. "When I saw 's new line of blackened steel appliances, I had to have them," says Fulk.

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Stainless Steel

The appliances, including this sleek cooktop, are from KitchenAid's all-new Black Stainless Steel line, which offers "the latest smart technology," says Fulk.

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Portable Island

The fun, chunky island is on casters, which offers moveable prep space that didn't exist before.

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Finishing Touches

The increased storage in the kitchen of course needed a little flair, too. The cabinets were outfitted with metallic drawer drawer pulls by for a touch of glam.

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