The IKEA Homepage Is A Little Freaky Right Now, But There's A Reason For It


An image from IKEA's homepage featuring a storage cabinet with a collection of doll heads
Courtesy of IKEA

If you've been to IKEA's main homepage today, you might have noticed something, well a little odd. At first glance, you'll see a stunning image of a living room, with playful pattern mi, sultry velvet furniture, and a color palette of deep greens, red, and blues. But the main focus along the back wall is a gray storage cabinet with sliding glass doors—and that's where the curiosity comes in. Behind the glass, to the right, you'll find a shelf that's full of...doll heads? And one headless doll body?

HAVSTA Storage

No, your favorite Swedish retailer isn't selling doll heads at the moment, but there is a story behind the shot. According to Noreen Lennon, product placement specialist for IKEA in the U.S., the photo, which was produced in Sweden, is an extension of one of the themes featured in the 2019 IKEA catalog: "Where More Is More."

"This home spread was created with the collector in mind–that person who enjoys treasure hunting at flea markets, or who loves to travel and bring home something special from wherever they go, etc," Lennon tells Miescisko. "Whatever you collect—even doll heads!—IKEA has clever ideas and products for storing, organizing, and displaying your favorite things." So, there you have it.

Oh, and if you're obsessed with the storage cabinet in the photo, you're in luck—it's the IKEA's HAVSTA storage cabinet, which is available in two colors (the gray in the photo as well as a dark brown) and can be yours for $990. It's not available online, but you can still check the website to see if it's available at an IKEA location near you.

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