Exactly How Shopping at Whole Foods Can Get You $10 to Spend on Amazon Prime Day

You can really save on *everything* this Prime Day.

Betsy Farrell

ICYMI: extravaganza is in full swing. We've already got you covered with great deals on , , and , but here's one category you may have forgotten about: .

Today, when you order a single purchase of $10 or more on through you'll receive a $10 credit to spend during Prime Day. Pretty cool, huh?

Simply add your favorite to your Prime Now cart, schedule a delivery or pickup, and the credit will be immediately added to your Amazon account for your next purchase.

Of course, the deals don't stop there. From discounts on fresh produce to reusable water bottles, Prime Now is packed with great Prime Day sales on . In other words, you can get great, fresh groceries on sale and receive a $10 credit. That's a win-win in our book.

Whether you're stocking up on groceries for the week or buying a fancy bottle of olive oil, spending $10 on groceries is pretty easy. So why not take advantage of this credit too? It's almost like free money.

Bu hurry! Your credit will only last through until the end of Prime Day, so it's a good idea to add something to your cart, stat.

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