A New Brand May Give IKEA a Run for Its Money

A new U.S.-based line is looking to replace the Swedish powerhouse as the go-to for affordable furnishings.

Greycork via Dezeen.com

IKEA's reign as the leader in inexpensive, build-it-yourself home furnishings may soon be over. That is, if Rhode Island-based furniture company has anything to say about it. 

Greycork released its first line in 2014, according to , which was comprised of two tables and a bench, and now, the company is poised to roll out its second collection. This time, Greycork will be offering enough items to decorate a full living room, including a sofa, chaise, bookshelf, coffee table and side table.

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Greycork's pieces come in a convenient flat-pack box and are intended to be built by the consumer in four minutes or less, without any tools, and without the stress IKEA furniture tends to cause.


Dezeen reports that the company will soon be taking pre-orders for the new line, which is currently priced from $75 for a side table to $450 for a three-person couch, on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo.com.  

And while only time will tell if this startup will actually poise any threat to IKEA, it's hard to deny how stylish its new collection is. 

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