You’ve Got To See How Joanna Gaines Plans Magnolia’s Fall Displays

It's like a Magnolia Fixer Upper episode.

Magnolia Market Fall Display
Courtesy of Magnolia

If you've been craving a Fixer Upper fix since the show ended, Joanna Gaines has got your back. The designer just released her first-ever behind the scenes video revealing the transformation of the Silos for autumn, and it's quite the transformation. To say I was made ready (coincidentally the theme for the most recent issue of ) for this, would be an understatement.

After months of prep work, Jo and her visual team had a two-day window to bring the issue to life in the store. Rather than go full pumpkin patch, they brought the drama with a dreamy palette of golden yellows and earth tones, which pair perfectly with the brand's new, rustic-chic products.

"We want the heart of the magazine to translate in the look and feel of everything you see when you visit the Silos," . This was no minor undertaking. The team removed everything from the store to start with a clean slate before reimagining shelves and displays.

Magnolia Market Fall Display
Courtesy of Magnolia

As soon as you walk in, you're hit with a bold display of towering pampas grass. The stalks — which were chosen for their whimsical quality — mirror the golden hour on the cover of the issue.

Magnolia Market Fall Display
Courtesy of Magnolia

Similarly, the preserves display perfectly represents all the colors of the season, according to Jo, while the weaving and paintbrushes symbolize life and creativity, simultaneously. Above all though, Jo points out the peacock with the paintbrush feathers, which represents "the rare beauty of walking in the fullness of who you are" — as you were made ready.

"Our hope is that every guest will leave here feeling refreshed and inspired to continue creating beauty and meaning in their own lives," Jo added. Seeing as though I feel revitalized from these photos and video alone, I think I'd pass out in the store.

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