15 Gourmet Chocolates We'd Love to Find in Our Easter Basket

These versus fluorescent jelly beans? No contest.

williams sonoma pastel easter egg truffles
Williams Sonoma

These Easter sweets are not only delicious, but with such stylish wrapping, they're also perfect for gift-giving and basket-filling.

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williams-sonoma maggie louise happy easter chocolate box
Maggie Louise Happy Easter Chocolate Box


The flavors inside the pastel egg and honeycomb sweets certainly live up to their billed happiness. Cream caramel, peanut butter candy, chocolate caramel, salted caramel, vanilla bean ganache, and marshmallow and spiced graham all round out the box.

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food52 maison boissier dark chocolate pearls
Food52/Mark Weinberg
Maison Boissier Dark Chocolate Pearls


A chic French-inspired tin will outshine plastic eggs any day. The hundreds of little chocolate pearls inside taste just as rich one-by-one or by the handful.

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williams sonoma pastel easter egg truffles
Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma Pastel Easter Egg Truffles


Nestled in a classic paper egg crate, egg-shaped truffles from award-winning chocolatier Knipschildt look just as delicate as their real-life counterparts. In addition to traditional dark chocolate ganache, this set includes two wildcard flavors as well: passion fruit and white chocolate coconut.

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food52 raaka chocolate small-batch organic chocolate subscription
Raaka Chocolate Small-Batch Organic Chocolate Subscription

$75 and up

Outdo yourself as Easter bunny and gift a regular delivery of gourmet goodies instead. Each monthly box contains two exclusive flavors (Smoked Chai, anyone?) plus one additional bar for good measure.

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chocolate twist rose cardamom espresso chocolate bars
Food52/Rocky Luten
Chocolate Twist Rose Cardamom Espresso Chocolate Bars

$21 for 3

Rose, cardamom, and espresso? Now we're talking. This isn't your regular gas station candy bar by a long shot.

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Compartes Roses and Rosé Chocolate Bar


This wine-infused creation will make you think pink. Made with French rosé and Compartés signature white chocolate, the bar combines the best of both worlds.

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godiva patisserie dessert truffle flight
Godiva Patisserie Dessert Truffle Flight


If you've ever wondered how black forest cake would taste in truffle form, now's your chance. Godiva's takes on tiramisu and crème brûlée sound equally intriguing.

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Sugarfina Robin's Egg Caramels


These are the brightest Easter eggs we've ever seen. Each dark chocolate-covered caramel comes encased in a candy shell that nails the favorite blue hue.

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Godiva Dark Chocolate Bunnies


Biting into a hollow center always feels a tad disappointing. Luckily Godiva's petite cuties are solid dark chocolate through and through.

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Fran's Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels


These aren't your average salted caramels. Featuring both French sea salt and salt smoked over Welsh oak, this box takes the flavor combo to a new level.

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Sugarfina Chocolate Confetti


Confetti makes everything festive, and the edible kind is no exception. The milk chocolate discs rock pastel coatings for an extra shot of color.

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Theo Lemon Milk Chocolate

$59 for 12

Chocolate with citrus? The underutilized combo is "bright and yummy," according to the organic chocolatier.

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Sugarfina Lavender Candy Flower


The center of each gorgeous bloom features a sugar-coated, dark chocolate dragee. Now that's our kind of bouquet.

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kohler chocolates variety rare facets
Kohler Chocolates
Kohler Chocolates Rare Facets


These gems aren't for wearing. Each dark chocolate jewel is filled with sour cherry, cranberry-raspberry, blueberry, or pomegranate ganache.

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Lindt Gold Chocolate Bunny


Nutella fans will enjoy this spin on . The hazelnut milk chocolate hits the perfect nutty note.

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WATCH: How to Make Chocolate Nests

Whip up a batch of homemade treats to get your cocoa fix. These sweet nests uses for extra crunch.

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