10 Hauntingly Cool Halloween Decorations You Can Buy On Amazon

From string lights to wine labels.


Halloween is quickly approaching, but if your home doesn't quite feel spooky enough, we've got you covered. There are tons of cool and creepy decorations you can buy online to trick out your own haunted house last-minute. Whether you're decorating for trick-or-treaters or throwing a big Halloween bash, these are all the decorations you need to really make it a hit.

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1 Multi-Color Ghost String Lights

These not-so-spooky ghosts can be used indoors or outdoors and have 8 different flashing light settings, so you can change things up.

2 Skeleton Yard Flamingos

Skeleton and zombie flamingos are one of the biggest Halloween trends this year, so don't forget to snag these bony birds for your yard.  

3 Talking Animated Eye Doorbell

Party guests and trick-or-treaters alike will get the creeps from this animated, talking doorbell with a moving, light-up eye.

4 Smoking Cauldron Mister

Really set the mood at your Halloween party with this skull and crossbones cauldron that comes with a mister unit for a creepy, foggy effect. 

5 Eyeball String Lights

You can hang these eyeball string lights wherever you'd like, but they'll probably look the scariest tucked into a bush or a tree, since everyone will wonder what's staring back at them. 

6 Jack-O-Lantern Light With Crow

Forget carving your own pumpkin. This jack o' lantern is battery-operated and is designed to look like a cage with a crow inside. 

7 Animated Eye Crystal Ball

This crystal ball with a hauntingly weird animated eye inside will make a cool addition to any Halloween tablescape. 

8 Skull Pathway Lights With Sounds

Illuminate the steps to your front door with these glowing skull pathway lights that also make spooky sound effects. 

9 'EEK' LED Marquee Lights

These marquee light letters spell out the word "EEK" and are a fun way to set the mood without going full-on macabre. 

10 Halloween Wine Labels

Throwing a Halloween party? Turn your usual bottles of wine into something much creepier. Plus, there are also for the kids. 

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