15 Chic Desk Organization Ideas That'll Pep Up Your Work Day

No boring cubicle for you.

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Finally getting organized starts with using the right tools. Make your workspace the ultimate get-it-done place with these clever finds.

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knock knock today's plan of attack great big stickies
Knock Knock
Honest Notepad


Get real about your to-do list with this prioritizing layout. Whether you actually get through it all is up to you (and how much coffee you drink).

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arad hand cup pen pencil holder by lilgift
Handsy Pencil Holder


Corral pencils in a quirky holder that comes in .

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great useful stuff multi-device-charging station dock
Great Useful Stuff
Charging Station


Truly clear your desk off at the end of the day by running cords for your phone, tablet and laptop through the back and up the base of this sleek dock.

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kikkerland concrete desktop planter, large
Concrete Planter


Not only can you put your pens in place, but you'll exercise your green thumb by nurturing a little bed of succulents. (Psst: You'll have to buy them separately, but you can .)

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biobu [by ekobo] gusto storage jar set
Biobu [by Ekobo]
Colorful Storage

$30 for 3

A couple of cute jars can hold your paperclips, thumbtacks or secret stash of (we won't tell).

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kikkerland retro pens
Retro Pens

$6 for 5

Swap out those random, freebie ballpoints for a coordinating set. You might have to take meeting minutes, but at least you'll be doing it in style.

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quirky cordies desktop cable mangement
Cord Wrangler


Keep your USB seperate from your phone charger, headphones and power cord thanks to this slotted rubber organizer. It won't fall over when you yank one out thanks to a weighted base.

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poppin super stacked desk set
Stacked Set


There's a place for everything and everything in its place when it comes to this monochrome office supply kit. The only question that remains is .

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Motivational Planner


Get ready to take on the day. This cute calendar will literally cheer you on with messages like "get stuff done."

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kikkerland concrete desktop planter, large
Perpetual Calendar


Yes, the important stuff is on your GCal, but who doesn't like playing with blocks? This sleek display comes from the Museum of Modern Art.

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umbra casa tissue box cover
Homey Tissue Box Cover


Your deskmate won't mind your sniffling so much when there's this cute box in between you two. It's decor and .

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stylio office desk organizer
Supply Caddies


Bullet journalers can appreciate this stationary store-like display. How else are you going to keep your separate from your ?

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safco products mesh horizontal hanging desk storage
Safco Products
Hanging Storage


Turn a tabletop into a desk by adding instant shelves. This clever organizer fits over an edge for a convenient filing spot.

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mygift adjustable wood desktop organizer display shelf rack
Adjustable Shelf


Bust out your styling skills by arranging knickknacks on a little bookshelf. are a must.

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DIY Mail Holder

Separate incoming and outgoing bills by mounting on a marble base. Bonus: It can hold notebooks and journals too.

What you'll need: brackets ($17 each, ), spray paint ($4, ), glue ($6, ), marble slab ($12, )

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