The Hottest New Robot Cleaner Is for Your Windows, Not Your Floors

You'll never have to touch a squeegee again!

New Winbot X Robot Cleaner Is Like a Roomba For Your Windows

If you’re a shorty like me, you probably have a tough time reaching the tops of your windows when you clean—unless you’re willing to keep climbing up and down on a step ladder. Sure, that’s one way to get your steps in, but now you don’t have to: The new Winbot X by Ecovacs will clean your windows for you!

Winbot X Robot Window Cleaner

Just spritz some cleaning fluid on the large wiping pad, then adhere the anchor pod on one corner of your window and attach the Winbot nearby. After establishing a good suction, the Winbot maps out a course, and, along with built-in squeegees, wipes your views crystal clear. You can also control it by remote.

It’s great for other glass surfaces, too, like shower doors. And best of all, you can set it to clean the outside of your windows as well, which is virtually impossible to do if you don’t live on the ground floor. Just stick the anchor on the inside of your window and attach the Winbot to the outside. The robot has a pretty secure suction to the glass, but there's also a safety tether cable to help keep it from falling, should it lose grip for any reason.

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Like all robot cleaners, the Winbot can’t really get into the corners, but for everyday cleaning, that’s probably not a big issue. To see how the previous model performed on windows that hadn’t been cleaned in two whole years (through all kinds of weather), check out this video below. Pretty impressive!

Now that your floors and windows are all clean, maybe someone will invent a robot that can clean the toilet? One can dream.

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