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15 tell-tale signs you're a nosey neighbour

Hands up, are you guilty of this?

Behind the curtain – curtain twitching
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Would you call yourself a nosey neighbour?

New research from has revealed the lengths Brits go to when spying on their neighbours, with curtain twitching, peeping over the garden fence and even coming out into the street in a dressing gown à la Last of the Summer Wine’s Nora Batty, making the list.

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According to the poll of 1,o00 people, the average Brit hears their neighbours having a blazing row approximately eight times a year, and 12 per cent admit to trying to hear what they are arguing about. Despite this, 15 per cent of those surveyed said it really annoyed them when their neighbours interfered in their business.

And it's not just a case of being nosey to find out all the gossip either, as 35 per cent said they were often jealous of their neighbours’ home improvements, with a new car and new kitchen making them most envious.

Based on the poll, take a look at top signs of a nosey neighbour:

  1. Curtain twitching (30 per cent)
  2. Turning the TV or radio down so you can listen to goings on (27 per cent)
  3. Peeking through blinds (22 per cent)
  4. Opening a window so you can hear more of a conversation (21 per cent)
  5. Spying when they get a new delivery (20 per cent)
  6. Peeping over the garden fence while they are having a BBQ (15 per cent)
  7. Coming outside in your dressing gown to see what is going on (12 per cent)
  8. Cupping your ear to the wall (11 per cent)
  9. Taking a parcel for a neighbour and having a sneaky peek inside (9 per cent)
  10. Popping over so you can see a new kitchen/conservatory (8 per cent)
  11. Putting an empty glass to the wall (5 per cent)
  12. Snooping when you are meant to be watering the plants or feeding pets (5 per cent)
  13. Taking food or treats over as an excuse to see the inside of their home (3 per cent)
  14. Having a look at their letters or mail (3 per cent)
  15. Looking through their letterbox or window when they are on holiday (2 per cent)

    Woman looking over wooden fence
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    And when it comes to who is the nosiest, those living in the Welsh capital of Cardiff were found to most likely keep tabs on their neighbours’ movements.

    The poll revealed Britain's nosiest neighbours are:

    1. Cardiff
    2. Norwich
    3. Nottingham
    4. Liverpool
    5. Sheffield
    6. Plymouth
    7. Newcastle
    8. Brighton
    9. Birmingham
    10. Belfast

      'From time to time we are all guilty of seeing what our neighbours get up to. It’s only natural to have a look out of the window if you see something going on in your neighbourhood and to take an interest when someone is having work done to their house,' said a spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements. 'Although it may seem annoying to have neighbours who curtain twitch, having nearby residents who know your movements can actually be a blessing when it comes to home security, so it’s actually not all bad.'

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