Personalised Christmas Eve box ideas are trending on Pinterest

From DIY mugs to santa-themed macarons...

Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box

The trend for personalised Christmas Eve Boxes on Pinterest is continuing to soar, as the visual discovery engine has revealed a 165 per cent increase in searches in the past month.

As the festive season nears, Pinners in the UK are planning ahead, looking for creative ideas on how they can fill a Christmas Eve box with goodies.

'People come to Pinterest to try new ideas, especially around seasonal moments, and we’ve seen a significant rise in people searching and saving Christmas Eve Boxes,' a spokesperson for Pinterest tells Miescisko UK. 'From statement socks to homemade reindeer hot chocolate bags, there are plenty of interesting ways that people are creating these crafty boxes with their own personal touches.

'Pinterest is an ideal place to browse ideas for new twists on seasonal traditions and as well as be inspired by what other people have tried.'

If you don't fancy making one this year, you can shop a great selection below:

While there are no rules as to what you put inside a Christmas Eve box – popular gifts tend to include pyjamas, a novelty item, a Christmas DVD, chocolates or sweets – on Pinterest, the more personalised, quirky and thoughtful homemade and edible crafts are proving to be popular.

Take a look at some popular ideas from Pinterest below:


  • Fill Christmas Eve boxes with homemade gingerbread man cookies
    This pin on Pinterest.
    • Or some delightful santa-themed macarons
      This pin on Pinterest.
      • Reindeer hot chocolate cones sound tasty too
        This pin on Pinterest.


        • Super cute reindeer food burlap sacks
          This pin on Pinterest.
          • Adorable DIY snowman mugs

            This pin on Pinterest.

            • A hanging tree decoration gingerbread house
              This pin on Pinterest.

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