A row of modern suburban terrace houses at Upton


Your need-to-know guide to renovating a leasehold

#HouseHomeAbode: Can you make home improvements when you don’t own the home?

Rear view of couple standing arms around at entrance
Living with a partner? Make sure you're...
If you choose to cohabit with your partner rather than getting marri…
Buying with mum - but will my sister end up...
My husband and I are buying a house with my mum so she can spend mor…
Do we need a contract for this family loan?
I come from a very close family, and my aunt has offered to give me …
Should I declare this neighbourly dispute?

Property lawyer Sarah Easton talks neighbourly disputes and how to r…
Can we get rid of these annoying trees?
My neighbour has a huge walnut and a dying horse chestnut with leaf mould and bleeding canker whose branches hang 20 feet into our gard…
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What does living in a conservation area entail?

We've seen a house we love on a road in a conservation area. Could you explain exactly what the term means?


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