Brilliant Ways to Set Your Spring Table

Refresh your table with these ideas.

pink and green tablescape
Eric Piasecki
Ready for spring? Start by refreshing your table with crisp linens, potted blooms, and a pop of bright colors.
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michael devine tablescape
Michael Devine
Romantic and Fanciful
Textile designer Michael Devine conjures a romantic, swoon-worthy alfresco fete. "To complement the floral arrangements, I chose crisp yellow-and-white table runners in my Chantal fabric," he says. "Vintage blue-and-white chinoiserie-pattern dinnerware was paired with napkins tied with striped ribbon." He wired fanciful faux butterflies into the arrangements, making them appear to be fluttering throughout the Queen Anne's lace.
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pink and green tablescape
Eric Piasecki
Pink and Green
Pretty in pink and green, a combo synonymous with Palm Beach, the table, designed by Mimi McMakin, is dressed with china, crystal, flatware, and linens from Mary Mahoney.
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Ngoc Minh Ngo
Orange Accents
Photographer/author Ngoc Minh Ngo collaborated with floral designer Nicolette Owen to design the table, complete with flowers in small containers of varying heights and styles.
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gemstone tablescape
Joe Schmelzer
Bold Hues
With a love of gutsy hues, Los Angeles-based designer Oliver M. Furth finds that his table is a fun place to experiment with color. "On a table, you can do something trendier or more fashion-forward than you might ever attempt in a whole room," he says.
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donna karan tablescape
Trevor Tondro
Designer Donna Karan created a natural tablescape. "I love this tree!" she says. "It looks like it's growing out of the table, creating a canopy. Wood adds so much warmth."
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rachel ashwell tablescape
Joe Schmelzer
Tea Party
Head outside and take the china! Shabby Chic designer Rachel Ashwell loosens up the formality of teatime. "Pile your plates," she says. "It makes the table happy and accessible."
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miles redd tablescape
Lucy Schaeffer
For an outdoor lunch, designer Miles Redd — a Pisces — draws inspiration from the sea, filling his table with glimmering objects and watery hues. "The table has an iridescent quality — like the inside of a seashell. Light dances, which gives the eye a lot to play upon and makes the whole dining experience so exciting."
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rebecca moses tablescape
Ellie Miller
Spring Lunch
Real style is about mi it up. And fashion designer Rebecca Moses wouldn't have it any other way. "I love polka dots and stripes together," she says. "Dots are sophisticated — and so happy. We have to create happiness in our homes, and for me, the starting point is the table."
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tory burch tablescape
Aimee Herring
Shades of Blue
For Tory Burch, setting the table can be the most creative outlet of all. "Just try different things," she says. "Patterns you wouldn't think to put together can surprise you, and look great."
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lulu dk tablescape
Eric Striffler
Lulu de Kwiatkowski knows how to set a pretty table without going too girly. "I think of the table as a collage," she says. "I always try to mesh colors and patterns in a way that keeps you entertained, but not so much that it's exhausting. You shouldn't overaccessorize to the point of showing everything in your cabinet."
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