You Won't Believe The Fantastic New Trend IKEA Just Set

The retailer's setting trends in a whole new way, and we couldn't be more proud


IKEA's long been the home to many prized pieces of furniture (some even achieving !), colorfu and space-saving pieces, and (lately) . But now it's given us one more reason to cheer them on.

This coming Thursday, will announce their , which raises the average minimum wage in US stores by 17%, bringing it to $10.76 an hour. That translates to even higher rates in stores based in areas with a higher cost of living ($13.22 an hour in Woodbridge, VA), as well as lower but area-appropriate rates in stores in Pittsburgh ($8.69/hour).

The new average IKEA wages sit $3.51 over the current federal minimum wage, and is set to roll out to about half of their US employees.

"This stems back to Ikea's decision to create a better everyday life for our people," said IKEA's Rob Olson.

And those worried that the decision will mean hiked-up prices on beloved products (and meatballs): IKEA has confirmed that the change will not affect prices. We'll toast to the whole thing with some .

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